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Celebrating Christmas in NÉE Style

Step into the magical world of vintage luxury, where every moment is special, and every detail is thoughtfully selected. This Christmas, we hosted an amazing Christmas party, creating a unique experience for our special guests!

Festive Decor

The store was transformed into a vintage Christmas wonderland space, filled with huge ribbons and decorations that brought a sense of nostalgia and joy to everyone who attended! Our expert also creates unique cocktails to add a touch of class to the celebration.

The Guest List

Among the attendees were our cherished VIP customers, who love vintage luxury, and a selection of social media influencers. We do prepare some unique and special places where can let our guests’ creativity flow freely!

DIY Fun: Keychain Workshop

A keychain workshop station is set up, where guests can make their personalized keychains. It was a chance to be creative and add a special touch by attaching fragrance sheets to their creations to make the experience even more memorable.


Capturing Time: Retro TV Station / Dining area

For those seeking to capture moments frozen in time, our retro TV station photo booth transported guests to the golden age of photography. Dressed in timeless attire, they immortalized the evening in vintage snapshots that will forever encapsulate the magic of the season.


Personalized Poems: Craft Your Poem

To add a special touch, we had a talented poet crafting personalized poems for our guests. Each poem was a unique keepsake, capturing the spirit of the season and the individuality of each person.

A Grand Finale

Our vintage luxury Christmas celebration was more than just a party; it was an experience, bringing together elegance, creativity, and the joy of the holidays.

A big thank you to our VIP customers and social media influencers for making this celebration extraordinary. Exciting news, everyone! Our MiNée Tote bag (available in-store & online) is finally launched this Dec and it’s all about to thank you for supporting us this year! Furthermore, we’ve officially unveiled our new slogan: “Née Vintage is the New Vintage!”

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