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Why you should buy luxury vintage from The Nee Vintage Store

I consider myself a progressive fashion lover. One who appreciates history and style. But also one who is conscious of her own consumer habits. So that is why I’m here to tell you why you should love vintage (especially luxury vintage bags) as much as I do.

So…what defines vintage? According to Harper’s Bazaar, it is something designed and manufactured in the past 20 years or later. Vintage bags are not just bags, they are (1) a piece of history. They (2) have character. Vintage bags are (3) rare, (4) one-of-a-kind and (5) speaks stories. I have stated five good reasons why you should shop vintage in just two sentences!

Furthermore, buying luxury vintage is one great example of (6) conscious consumerism - the buying practices driven by a commitment to making purchasing decisions that have a positive social, economic and environmental impact.

Let me give you an example…The Fendi Baguette bag was one of the most sought after bags in the fashion world after it appeared on Sex and The City back in the year 2000. When the sequel “Just Like That” recently aired on HBO, 22 years later, there was (again) a sudden peak of interest in Fendi Baguette bags (should add a link to a page where we sell Fendi Baguettes). So instead of rushing to the nearest Fendi boutique to get my hands on a Baguette, I sourced out a Baguette in the vintage market for one-third of the retail price. Not only am I giving a second life to an existing bag (cues no wastage of new resources), my shopping decision was (7) better for the planet and also, (8) my bank account.

The Nee Vintage Store is here to make luxury vintage goods affordable for everyone. Most vintage pieces are priced relatively lower than retail price. But should you be embarrassed to be seen carrying a vintage? Absolutely not. IT-girl celebrities like Bella Hadid and Madison Beer are always seen rocking vintage pieces in their daily street-styles.

So the next time you want to purchase a new bag for your personal collection, consider buying vintage from The Nee Vintage Store. Together we should champion sustainable fashion and normalise buying vintage designer items. Wearing vintage is the new green.

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