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Wedding Ready: Neutral tones for the perfect guest look

We’re excited to share our first experience attending a wedding together as a company! It was such a special occasion as our first colleague tied the knot, and we felt truly blessed to be part of the celebration.

Not only did we get to join in on the fun and great food, but we also got the green light to choose our own vintage pieces from the store for the event (yes, that means we have also to shoot content during the wedding! ) Well, at least we get to have a special vintage bag to complete our looks!

We were told the theme was neutral tones, and of course, the team delivered beautifully. Check out what our colleagues wore—don’t they look stunning?

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Guest Look

Weddings are the perfect occasions to showcase a different and classy side of your style, without overshadowing the bride. We focused on picking bags that were not only stylish but also practical enough to hold tiny essentials like your phone, makeup, and of course, an angpao ( red packet ) for Chinese traditions—a token of blessing for the couple!


Join us as we dive into our picks for the perfect wedding guest look, blending elegance with practicality. We hope you find inspiration in our choices!

Our curated selection of vintage bags offers something for every taste and style, ensuring you'll find the perfect accessory for your special day! Remember, the key to being wedding-ready is in the details, and the right bag or accessory can make all the difference!

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